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Lalakuza Dice

For this game you roll (/random 6) 3 times. The goal is to get a better combination than the other player(s)

4-5-6 = instant win
1-2-3 = instant loss
Triples and Pairs = points

4-5-6 > Triples > Pairs

If you get a pair the number outside of the pair will be the number of points (a 6-6-2 would be worth 2 points)If multiple players get triples the higher number is the winner.
If you don't get any of the combinations on your first set of rolls then you get two more chances to get a combination.

If you still don't get a combination after all three attempts then you're out of the game.

Every player will roll /random 99 at the beginning of the game to determine the order.

Note: A 4-5-6 is an instant win and cannot be contested by any other player. Similarly if all other players are out of the game the last player wins by default without having to roll.


In a Deathroll the players will (/random) and the next player will (/random #) based on the result of the first players roll, then next player will then roll (/random #) based on the second players roll.

The game will continue back and forth like this until one of the players loses the game by rolling a 1


Card values are Balance 1 or 7, Bole 2, Ewer 3, Spire 4, Spear 5 and Arrow 6. (player's choice)

You can draw as many cards as you want, then you play your hand against the dealer.

If you reach 21 and the dealer can’t pull a 21, you win

If you get more than 21 you lose, and if you decide to play a hand lower than 21, the hand with most value between you and the dealer wins.

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